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BRK Announces Project Phoenix – Aimed at Developing a Chip to Enhance the Performance of Multimedia Streaming Equipment – July 13, 2020



Henderson, NV, July 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ BRK, Inc. (the ”Company”) (OTC:BRKK) wishes to inform its shareholders that it is now moving ahead with a strategy to develop a chip that optimizes performance of multimedia streaming equipment. This initiative, titled Project Phoenix, builds upon a signed collaborative agreement with leading chip player ARM Limited.

Mr. Daniel Serruya, CEO of BRK, stated, “Project Pheonix marks the exciting next step in the revitalization of our product line. The development of our custom chipset will enable us to deliver our new technologies to a wider range of potential markets.”

Mr. Gary Shields, CTO of BRK, added, “Working with ARM and other third parties, provides us with access to all the latest computing and communications IP, which, when combined with our own IP, positions us to develop a performant chipset. Our chipset will faclitate the addition of multiple graphics processing cores to handle image processing and video compression all the way up to 8K UHD.  This collaborative process leverages the effort of multiple companies to help us create state-of-the-art products that we expect to improve various current and potential new applications in the marketplace.”

Mr. Michael Kovacocy, Head of Corporate Development and Investment Relations, added, “Project Phoenix offers a new thrust to our previously mentioned strategic plans. Our intention is to de-risk our business model through diversification into complementary markets where our IP can be deployed at scale and on cost-efficient and highly accretive terms for shareholders. This initiative will allow us to move well beyond verticals tied to large scale sporting events and streamed to masses content. Our goal is to also tap into UGC (user generated content) and discrete stream and record markets – whether that be police and emergency services, multimedia field equipment, or consumer multimedia cameras, that capture and distribute personal and collective moments. It is our view that this large market offers significant revenue upside in the mid to longer-term for our Intellectual Property, which enhances video streaming and capture quality and improves functionality and user engagement.”

BRK Inc. (OTC PINK: BRKK), established in 2008, BRK is the next generation in live-action broadcasting technology. We are a full-service provider geared to professional leagues and athletes, whether it be traditional sports, extreme sports or esports, and that will allow fans to watch them in action from  perspectives that do not exist today. Our niche is that we are a second screen content provider that does not pose a threat to first screen media but rather we provide the opportunity to pioneer complimentary content and campaigns. 

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